Manage all your work from One Place

ZenoxCRM is the ultimate solution for businesses of all sizes, offering a comprehensive platform to manage all your work from one place.

With ZenoxCRM, you can manage leads, client relationships, project timelines, and financial transactions all from one place. Simplify your workflow, stay organized, and focus on growing your business with this powerful, all-in-one solution.

Focus on getting things done with ZenoxCRM

Implementing a CRM system offers numerous advantages, including enhanced customer management, more effective customer acquisition, and streamlined retention strategies. It also aids in better prospecting for new clients and re-engaging with past customers to revitalize relationships. With all customer details centralized and accessible at your fingertips, ZenoxCRM significantly reduce process time and boost productivity.

Improve Efficiency

Integrating CRM software fosters better connectivity between departments, enhancing communication and data sharing. This integration not only saves time and money but also improves overall organizational communication, leading to more efficient workflows and increased employee productivity.

Improve Quality

Continuously enhancing your small business is essential for its long-term success and resilience. Regularly monitoring cash flow, leveraging social media for marketing, and embracing your strengths are made effortlessly achievable with ZenoxCRM Software, elevating your business operations to new heights. ZenoxCRM also offers comprehensive analytics to drive data-informed decision-making.

Improve Accountability

CRM software serves as a comprehensive online platform for task management and team communication, consolidating these functions into a unified workspace. It fosters accountability by facilitating goal setting, enhancing task visibility, and tracking actions and outcomes. This tool is instrumental in clarifying responsibilities within your team, ensuring clear ownership of tasks, projects, and results.

We offer Powerful features

In today's business landscape, effectively managing existing customers while expanding your customer base is crucial yet often challenging. Implementing a CRM system can significantly enhance operations, enabling organizations to navigate modern marketing and business challenges efficiently. Therefore, every organization in this business era should consider adopting a comprehensive CRM system to meet all their operational requirements effectively.

Contact Management

Contact management enables users to easily store and find contact information, such as names, addresses, email id, telephone numbers, product, contact source, contact stage, assign to, comments etc. Our CRM Software helps to tracking all information and communication activities linked to contacts. Our CRM Software manage customers, leads & data with ease by providing powerfull contact management system.

Lead Management

Lead Management is the process of acquiring and managing potential customers until the point where they make a purchase. The process of managing leads helps businesses understand which tactics are bringing in the best leads, so you can optimize your sales strategy to be both effective and efficient. Our CRM System helps to improve sales performance of every business with the efficient lead management module.

Follow-up Management

No matter how small your business, it's must to have a CRM system in place. It establish a good stages for lead followups like Needs Callback, Demo Scheduled, Work In Progress, Waiting for Payments, Deal Closed etc. Use your CRM software to keep detailed notes on leads. Set morning time for responding to emails & sending quotes & evening time for calling. CRM Software helps you to use your database to re-engage old customers.

Estimate Management

Estimates management streamline the process of creating, managing, & sending business estimates. When a customer is interested to buy product or service, user creates a quote with all details. If customer agrees to buy it with specified price, order will be generated. If not, sales person either cancels the quote or revises it to meet customer requirement. It improves order processing capability, sales visibility and relationship with customers.

Billing Management

Our CRM software's Invoicing management helps creating transparency between the organization & the customers. Our CRM software generate bills with a click & manage different billing for each clients. In CRM Software once the bill is generated user can send it to the customer with one click. It send auto reminder to intimate the due date to the clients. Using CRM software the company can reduce paperwork & processing Zero cost.

Purchase Management

Zenox CRM Software can streamline the jumbled up acquisition process and keep it straightforward. No data is lost and partners can raise, affirm, or dismiss things on schedule. A streamlined acquirement process offers better command over each phase of the purchasing lifecycle. Zenox CRM Software accelerate the procurement process, guarantee the accuracy of tasks, upgrade effectiveness, and save time and resources.

Accounting Management

Accounting displays the financial health of a business. Our Accounting management module is an answer to all business problems. Accounting is an integral part of a business organization and helps in learning the insights of profitability and losses. This software provides real-time metrics on your monthly payments, sales, purchases, revenue, net revenue, cash flow, balance sheet, profit & loss, GST reports etc.

Email Builder

Zenox CRM software provides email builder which is fast and convenient. User can create & customize email builder templates as per their need by adding or removing buttons, blocks with images, text, and using colors that represent your brand. Our email builder can not only accelerate task completion, but it can replace the need to purchase additional software for email builder or HTML Editor.

Recurring Invoices

A recurring invoice is a type of invoicing in which a supplier or merchant automatically charges a customer for goods or services at regular intervals. Recurring billing offers the benefit of convenience. Instead of having to provide billing information for a routine charge repeatedly, the customer can authorize the merchant to keep payment details on file. It ensures prompt payment from customers.

Mass Email Campaign

Mass email campaign is the act of sending one email campaign to a large group at once. Marketing messages, newsletters, updates, coupons, and invitations typically comprise mass emails. With our Zenox CRM software email campaign user can send personalized emails by using dynamic content. With dynamic content, user can personalize specific aspects of an email to target particular subscribers.

Mass SMS Campaign

Our Zenox CRM software's mass SMS campaign enables user to send personalized SMS to customers. It helps to get detailed analytics and reports of the campaign run by the user. Just prepare, schedule and send Bulk SMS to your targeted customers using dynamic content. In just a minute, user can send SMS campaign to thousands of customer from our easy-to-use interface.

Dashboard & Reports

Zenox CRM dashboard is dynamic and live. A dashboard is used for monitoring what is going on in a current situation. Data is being updated in real-time and visuals can show changes from minute to minute. We at Zenox CRM provides useful & customized reports to analyses complete business performance by providing various reports like lead followup, sales & purchase report, financial, inventory, GST reports etc.